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Here’s “Web in Front,” which is the opening track from Archers Of Loaf’s 1993 masterpiece Icky Mettle. Find the album on your preferred format. It is so worth it.

Staying with Summer Cats for a minute, here’s a(n actual) video for another one of their songs. This number is called “Maybe Pile;” it, too, is from the Songs for Tuesdays LP on Slumberland. I must say, this one reminds me of Magnetic Fields in an awkward way. Real nice stuff.

The sound on this video is rather muted, but the song itself is excellent. It’s from Australia’s Summer Cats. The track is “In June,” which is on their Songs for Tuesdays LP from Slumberland Records. I saw them in March at the Slumberland Anniversary show in SF. The male vocalist is a witty bastard who seemed like he wanted to serenade you as much as he wanted to smash a pint glass in your face (but in the friendliest of ways). My initial thought of them was that they are anglophile Aussies. Now all I can think about them is how much I love their record.

You can listen to the album version of “In June” on their myspace. The Songs for Tuesdays version of their “Hey You” can be heard on their facebook along with some other great songs. The record is fantastic from beginning to end, but these two songs stuck out to me the most.

Here’s Shellshag’s video for “Resilient Bastard” from their new LP, Rumors in Disguise, on Don Giovanni. I just got the new album in the mail, and it’s awesome—even better than their Destroy Me I’m Yours LP on Starcleaner from a few years back, which was also pretty good stuff.